Rust Roguelike Tutorial Bugfixes
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I've pushed a new release of the Rust Rogulike Tutorial live! There's very little new content, but I've merged in a *bunch* of bugfixes. Thank you to everyone who contributed PRs and bug reports!

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Rust Roguelike Tutorial is probably my largest work. It includes a fully playable Roguelike, and walks you through making it in Rust. Nox Futura is a base-building game with lots of similarities to Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld. One Knight in the Dungeon is a traditional roguelike, wrapped up in 3D graphics courtesy of Unreal Engine 4. It’s currently on hold. Tech Support - The Roguelike is a non-combat roguelike in which you try to sneak around a corporate office solving technical problems, without catching the attention of managers or angry customers.

About Bracket Productions
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In 2006, Herbert Wolverson created his new company: Bracket Productions. Since then, we have offered custom software development in C++, C#, and Java. We also offer consulting services on the following topics: Software development: Rust, C++, C#, Java. Networking (TCP/IP). Linux and FreeBSD. Windows servers. Wireless Networking. Wireless Internet Service Provider design. We also do game development, mostly for fun. In 2001, Herbert published Using Direct3D for 2D Tile Development.

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RLTK_RS is a Rust library to support building Roguelikes and other console/text-based games. It forms the basis of my Rust Roguelike Tutorial. RLTK for C++ is a Modern C++ library to support building roguelikes. It’s not been updated in a while. Png2Rex is a handy tool for converting PNG files into Rex Paint ASCII files.

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Herbert F. Wolverson CTO, Vice President: Technology, Full Stream Wireless. Owner: Bracket Productions. I am an experienced consultant, able to offer expertise in networks of any size, UNIX/Linux platform assistance, and software development in a wide variety of languages and scales. I offer a holistic approach to development, encouraging solutions that encompass the entirety of a problem domain and provide tools at each level to automate essential business tasks, freeing you up to focus on your core competencies.