Hands-on Rust is now available in full-color paperback and e-book

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Hands-on Rust is now in print, available in full-color paperback and as an e-book (PDF, epub and Kindle formats).

If you know what a variable and a loop are, Hands-on Rust contains everything you need to make learning Rust into a fun experience. You’ll start by installing Rust, and doing working through some basic exercises to learn how Rust structures programs. That gives you everything you need to make your first game, Flappy Dragon. The book then dives into making a dungeon crawler, teaching you beginner-through-intermediate Rust along the way. Practical exercises keep you engaged, and you can immediately see the fruits of your labor as you craft a game—learning Rust along the way.

You may browse the source code that accompanies the book on Github.

How to Buy Hands-on Rust

Hands-on Rust is available directly from the Pragmatic Programmers. You can buy it directly from the publisher, here

You can get 40% off the e-book version by using the coupon code HWRUSTCOMPLETE on PragProg’s site.

PragProg primarily ship printed editions to the USA. In other parts of the world, you can use Amazon. I’ve tried to collate a few places from which you can buy the book.

Other places to buy Hands-on Rust:

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