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Herbert F. Wolverson

I am an experienced consultant, able to offer expertise in networks of any size, UNIX/Linux platform assistance, and software development in a wide variety of languages and scales. I offer a holistic approach to development, encouraging solutions that encompass the entirety of a problem domain and provide tools at each level to automate essential business tasks, freeing you up to focus on your core competencies.


  • Project design, architecture, and alignment with business goals.
  • Linux-based implementation (server, workstation or embedded device).
  • Networking, whether LAN, MAN or WAN utilizing a wide variety of infrastructure elements including Ethernet, point-to-point microwave, WiFi, and WiMAX.
  • FreeBSD-based router and firewall design/implementation.
  • Databases, particularly PostgreSQL and SQL Server.
  • Software development in Rust, Java, C#, C++, C, Python and JavaScript.
  • Documentation and White-paper development.
  • Emergency fault resolution, networks and servers.


Vice President – Technology, Full Stream Wireless (May 2013 – Present), Columbia MO

Software development, network design, implementation and administration, and embedded device integration.
Completed projects include:

  • Core and backhaul network implementation of a local WiMAX network.
  • Development lead on infrastructure systems for managing a local WiMAX and Point-to-Point network.
  • Developed and managed a local and off-site backup system.
  • Developed J2EE customer management systems.
  • Developed several customer websites.
  • Managed, repaired and assisted with customer networks, including school districts and private enterprises.

Owner, Bracket Productions (April 2006 – Present)

Independent contractor work. Projects completed for customers include:

  • Several FreeBSD-based routers and firewalls implemented.
  • Developed several customer websites.
  • Developed several C#-based components, licensed to customers. These include an Object Relational Management system, a PDF label maker, and a task scheduling system.
  • Developed a large number of small, custom tools for businesses.

Vice President – Research & Development – Zero1Tek LLC

Lead software developer, systems administrator. Projects completed include:

  • Lead development on back-end system for a local photo-processing company.
  • Lead development on several websites and related infrastructure.
  • Developed software to assist in real-estate plat management.
  • Custom business software tool development.
  • Systems administration for several Linux, FreeBSD and Windows-based servers.

Senior Consultant, The Turner Stephenson Group, Inc.

End-user support, software development, network design and implementation, designing FreeBSD firewalls. I started as a consultant performing computer service and repair, before moving into ASP-based development for customers, and then leading development/growth of network implementation projects throughout mid-Missouri.


  • Master of Science, Defense & Strategic Studies. Southwest Missouri State University.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Law and Politics. The University of Hull, United Kingdom.
  • 4 ‘A’ Levels (English Literature, Computing, Geography, Politics).
  • 9 GCSEs.
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