Bracket-lib / Roguelike Toolkit for Rust (RLTK_RS) - Version 0.8.2 Updates

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I’ve updated bracket-color, bracket-geometry, bracket-random, bracket-noise, bracket-algorithm-traits and bracket-pathfinding on The terminal and master library will update as soon as I’ve got confirmation that problems with display scaling on Macs are resolved.

These releases don’t change any existing API. Highlights include:

  • bracket-color has gained a few more internal tests, and bugfixes.
  • bracket-geometry uses the latest version of Ultraviolet, which in turn uses wide for fast SIMD calculations.
  • bracket-random now exposes a get_rng function to allow you to use the underlying random system.
  • bracket-random has updated its back-end to benefit from fixes and performance improvements.
  • bracket-noise is a bit more stable on cellular noise.
  • bracket-algorithm-traits is much more forgiving of smallvec versions, making coexistence with other systems easier.
  • bracket-pathfinding has new recursive shadowcasting Field-of-View code. Quite a bit faster.
  • bracket-pathfinding has improved the A-Star implementation. It’s more accurate AND a lot faster.
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