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  • Rust Roguelike Tutorial is probably my largest work. It includes a fully playable Roguelike, and walks you through making it in Rust.
  • Nox Futura is a base-building game with lots of similarities to Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld.
  • One Knight in the Dungeon is a traditional roguelike, wrapped up in 3D graphics courtesy of Unreal Engine 4. It’s currently on hold.
  • Tech Support - The Roguelike is a non-combat roguelike in which you try to sneak around a corporate office solving technical problems, without catching the attention of managers or angry customers. It’s a completed 7-day Roguelike challenge.
  • Apocalypse Taxi is a ProcJam 2018 entry. Drive around a procedurally generated city, collecting and depositing passengers.
  • Dankest Dungeon is a completed 7DRL, in which you can either design a dungeon - or play a dungeon created by another player. It’s all web-based, using Emscripten with C++.
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